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JOLAM: A Diamond Enterprise was created on December 18th, 2012 when I recognized the potential of combining the three projects that surrounded me. I saw a way to combine my personal, creative, and business projects under one roof, so-to-speak. This will also be the official name for all business related items, reports, and mass updates across all three platforms.

With the release of JOLAM: A Diamond Enterprise, there are many more branding opportunities that have opened up for me. Rather than keeping everything on their own separate plane, they now have a common axis to cross, and will allow for easier navigation throughout the network.

JOLAM: A Diamond Journal has been the first official release notice for the new brand. The Journal is expected to be released every two months, and will include updates, and exclusive information to all three projects involved. My main objective is to spend the majority of my energy marketing and managing this combined effort, in hopes that those interested will continue to see what each of my life’s branches have to offer them.


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