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Definition: Dependency (computer science) or Coupling, a state in which one object uses a functionality of another object

Dependency is something everyone experiences every day whether you would like to admit it or not. There were most likely several items from your morning routine that would have caused you to be in a state of dependency. If you drove into work, you were dependent upon your vehicle functioning properly, the other motorists on the roadway, and your own actions to the reactions of other potential driving conditions.

If you stopped at a gas-station mini-mart for a quick breakfast you again were in a state of dependency. You were dependent upon the machine or cashier taking your order properly, the food prep employee making whatever it is  you ordered in a timely manner, and another machine or cashier taking your payment without a hitch.

These are both simple examples of how we are dependent upon others in our lives.  Say for example, that your vehicle had broken down, or that they misplaced your order and in both cases you end up being a half hour late for work.  You have now affected the state of mind of dependency for your co-workers.

Dependency does not have to be a bad thing if it is taken seriously. Even your simple actions can have lasting effects of others who are dependent upon you.


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