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If you saw a post with 3 social media shares vs 0, would that affect your eagerness to check out a post or story? Probably not. What if you saw a story with 10 or a dozen social media shares vs 0?  Now granted, a dozen shares is not an overwhelmingly number of shares for a single post or story, but to someone who has little spare time, and they saw these two posts, it is most likely they will give the post with a dozen shares the shot over the one with zero shares.

If you were able to pull this reader in for a single post or story, and they like what they have to read, you may have yourself a life-long reader all because your post or story had the better impression.

Now the part where “easy” comes into play. I have never been one to base something on the number of social media fans or followers someone or something has, but I must admit a good first impression doesn’t hurt. It is easy to achieve a quick dozen social media shares by any of these following methods:

  • Share your post or story with a few close friends, and they will likely share it with a few more close friends.
  • Create a group between fellow website hosts or bloggers, and select certain times where you check out each other’s posts or stories.
  • If you have multiple social media accounts, there is nothing wrong with having a few of those social media shares be your own. Many social media icons do not show you who shared the post or story, so it won’t look odd if you shared it from your own network a dozen times.

Thankfully I have a few close friends who are very supportive of my projects, and they usually take a few minutes to read what I have to say. I also utilize my own network to help boost the appearance of my visitor counts.

If many of  your posts or stories receive consistent feedback from each listing, chances are the reader will feel the author has a developed following, thus further increasing your appearance.

Quantity will never outweigh quality, so do not cut back once you notice that you have to do less marketing while increasing your social media presence.


Do you agree, disagree, aren’t sure? Please share your thoughts and comments on this topic.

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