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Warning: this project contains real-life analogies that will help you obtain your life’s goals. Proceed with enthusiasm.

If you have a life’s goal, but are unsure of the first steps to take getting there, please continue reading. If you are unsure of how to better manage your time to achieve your goals, please continue reading. If you have always felt you served a greater purpose than what you are currently serving, please continue reading.

This project was designed to help all three of these types of people answer their life’s call, among others.

After conclusion of this project you should have a clear understanding of what you’re happy with about your life, what you wish to change, ways to obtain your ultimate life’s goals, a new symbol that you could envision being waved on a flag in a crowd, and a revised goal’s list that you and others after you will be talking about long after you have been buried beneath the frost.

My wish is for you to know exactly where you stand in your life, and how you can adjust your reality to where you see yourself standing during your last steps. How far you can travel in life does not depend solely on how many steps you take, it also depends on how many of these steps you take when nobody else believed that you could.

It is often said that life is just a game. if you look at life through this perspective, than after reading through beneath the frost, you will be able to achieve a level that you never thought possible.


Download your free copy of Beneath the Frost Project:



As part of The JOLAM Project collection, Beneath the Frost Project will be the first release in A JOLAM Series. This  (free) ebook will include ways for you to discover if your current life’s goals are what you really want. By completion of Beneath the Frost you will have a clear understanding where you want to travel on your life’s journey, and the steps that you’ll need to take to help get you there.


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