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Thank you for taking the time to visit JOLAM, and for looking into finding out more details of what JOLAM is about.

My plan for JOLAM is simple: JOLAM will be my home away from home here on the web. You can expect to find information about my creative lifestyle, professional lifestyle, and a glimpse at my personal lifestyle.

I have made several attempts at keeping a journal over the years, but I wanted an account of my life to have the potential to outlast even me, the narrator –  Jeff Weidemoyer.

Many of you visiting may have no idea who I am. You would certainly not be alone with this statement however. Most everyone that I know today, does not know who I am, but hopefully this website can give you some insight into my mind, and my Journey of Life and Music.


If you are visiting my bio page, I will assume you would like to know at least a little information about me.

I won’t get into personal details here, because I personally hate that type of shit…However, I will provide a general timeline for my creative and professional projects.

You will notice some dates listed in the future. You may then ask yourself “How could you have a history timeline with dates listed in the future?”

For me, lately life has been what I would compare to writing a novel, or short story even. As long as you know where to start from, and your end destination, all you need is a little sense of direction to get you there.

2006: Idea | Concepts for ADP, than was nameless.

2008: More serious writing ideas were formed for a creative music | writing project, although still nameless.

2010: Idea for YCYF was formed while at a house party on millionaires row in Williamsport, PA. “Sailing into Blinding Darkness” was chosen as the name for my creative project.

2011: YCYF was launched in the spring, with my good friend Sultan M. Riaz jumping on board shortly after.  Creative project was renamed to “Abandoned by the Gods”.

Mid 2011, I changed my creative project name to a description of my disorder “A Dissociated Personality”.

Late 2011, my good friend Ryan Raplee suggested I shortened the name to “ADP”. (This is where my three letter acronyms started).On Christmas Eve, I had a phone call with Sultan M. Riaz, and we decided to create a new website out of an opportunity to cater to the music, arts, and modeling side to the original YCYF website.

2012: Early 2012, SOET was launched to better suit our creatives outlet.

Mid 2012, SOET and YCYF were both set to hiatus status in order to fully concentrate on ADP.  During this time, I created the new business title DPD Interactive LLC, after my official disorder diagnosis of Depersonalization Disorder.

Late 2012, I wrote LOTA with the intention of having a 2012 release. I decided to let go Artist Karl Dahmer for personal reasons; which allowed me to fully re-structure the direction for ADP.

JOLAM, ADP Comics, ADP Records, ADP One Man’s Journey, DPD Interactive LLC, DPD Designs, Happy Music Store, Happy Comic Store, and Wagonwheel’s Entertainment Complex were all originated between September – November of 2012.

I work  a full-time job as a Conservation Technician for the state of Pennsylvania, doing survey and design work. Please forgive me if there is some delay between your original contact date, and a proper reply.


\m/ Jeff \m/

Jeff Weidemoyer
DPD Interactive LLC (Founder / Owner / President)   |   ADP (One Man’s Journey)

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